May 30th, 8-10pm: Life Alive 765 Mass Ave, Cambridge


Through accordion, flute, cello, Violin, clarniet, percussion, and pure awesome-ness, The New Babushkas blend French, Balkan, Modern, and Russian music to create a unique soundscape for your listening and dancing pleasure.




Pena at Sprout



In Memorium at The Armory Cafe
Some songs we like to play are:
Adje Jano, Amari Szi Amari,
Bubamara, Computer Love,
Djurdjevdan, In Memorium, Jovano
Jovanke, Lesnoto Bitola, Makedonsko
Devojce, Mesecina, Opa Cupa, Pena,
Valse a Nini, Zapevala Sojka Ptika,